Gestão das relações com o cliente, serviços jurídicos e cobranças.

Trascom Worldwide is the largest supplier of CRM services in Europe with 32 Customer Management Centers that provide services in 17 countries in Europe and a staff of more than 7,700 employees that develop campaigns for more than 80 customers in 38 different languages.

Transcom was founded in Spain in 2001, and in 2003 it took over the management of call centers for Grupo Banco Santander. It currently has 4,000 employees. Since then, Transcom's business volume has increased significantly, not only in the financial services sector (call centers of BBVA) but also in the telecommunications industry (Orange). It has an ample experience in three lines of business: customer relationship management, legal services and collections.

The characteristics of the Call Center sector require agile, skillful employee management in order to take into account in the best possible way the continual changes that occur in this market. One of the customer's needs was to be able to directly access its personal data in order to obtain the information necessary for decision-making and cost analysis, and in order to optimize and unify the personnel management system through outsourcing and by using a powerful, flexible and secure tool, which enables the handling of personnel administration and preparation of costs in an effective and reliable manner.

For Trascom it was also necessary to integrate this system with other internal management tools (Tusman, SAP).

Outsourcing of payroll of level 3. 20 users connected to Milena Personal, 4,000 users of the employee portal, and 4 users connected with the Control Panel. The project is planned in 3 phases of operational startup, which are defined by centers:

  • Phase 1: Leon
  • Phase 2: Seville
  • Phase 3: Madrid and Barcelona

In each one of the phases an adaptation period and a detailed analysis was provided in order to facilitate the adjustment of procedures, thus improving personnel management at the global level at all centers.



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